Who We Are…..
We are a family owned and operated Secondhand store
located in Tallmadge, the second oldest city in Summit
County. Our location is conveniently located off of the
Tallmadge Circle on West Avenue.
Abbey Ann’s in Tallmadge has been the preferred Secondhand Store to hunt down bargains and browse through a vast, ever changing array of used goods.
We have over 10,000 sq ft. of sales floor, new items arriving
daily and extremely flexible prices. You’ll have a hard time not
finding something you’re interested in.



We buy on site during store hours but customers will take first priority. For more info on what we are interested in & our buying procedures, please visit our WE BUY page.











The History Of Abbey Ann’s…..
Mary Ann Fisher was raised by Flavil and Ruth Fisher. Her father, Flavil, worked for Firestone Rubber. Times were tough and he often walked to work with holes in his shoes. Being poor was a struggle, but he and Ruth worked hard to take care of their three daughters; Helen, Mary Ann and Joni. The bright side to this lifestyle, however, was it influenced his family to become self-empowered individuals.
Mary Ann graduated from Kenmore High School in 1954. She married Melvin Arney two years later. Mary worked at Ohio Bell and helped put Melvin through college. She also helped him establish two businesses. In 1958, Mary Ann gave birth to her first son Timothy, followed by Daniel, Terrence and Jerry. After their marriage ended in 1977, Mary Ann was on her own raising four teenage boys.
Mary Ann began going to garage sales to buy items to sell at her own sales. In 1983 she came across a small consignment shop on State Road that was going out of busness, so she bought the “Recycle It” store and all of its contents. Her store was open for 12 hours a day, selling mainly small consignment items. Marys’ sons Tim, Terry and Jerry became involved and the Arney family business continued to grow.
Shortly after the “recycling craze” began and due to the number of inquiries to recycle aluminum Mary Ann was prompted to change the name. She chose “Abbey Anns” after a childhood friend (who had a speech impediment) that couldn’t pronounce her name. She called her Abbey Ann instead. Within a two year period, six franchise stores were open.
Shortly after, Mary Ann purchased the “Tom’s Carpet Barn and Antiques” building. It was the most beautiful building on State Rd. in Cuyahoga Falls. Customers from all over Ohio and dealers from other states discovered the new “Abbey Anns”. But after only two months, the building was destroyed by an electrical fire.
Not long after the devastating fire, Mary Ann was contacted by “Circle Furniture” at 51 West Ave. in Tallmadge, offering to sell her the property. With the family working together, and the support of loyal customers, Abbey Annfor the future.’s was rebuilt.
Mary Ann still works, 7 days a week and continues to help operate and build “Abbey Ann’s Secondhand



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